SandakphuPhalut trek or the shorter Sandakphu trek may be a must-do trek for people looking to explore Darjeeling/Sikkim hills with a wide-ranging panorama of Himalayan peaks. This trek follows the famous Singalila Ridge, a prominent spur of status that lies at the southern end of an extended crest, which runs down from the Kanchendzongha massif and forms the border between Sikkim & Nepal. here are spectacular panoramic views of Nepal Himalayas including Kanchendzongha range, Makalu, Everest, Lhotse, Janu, Chamlang, Baruntse and a number of Sikkim peaks all seen in one stretch.

Places to visit in PhalutSandakphu Trek

The Sleeping Buddha

The Kanchenjunga cluster is some things you see right from the most Darjeeling town. It fills you with the hope of understanding this massif up close on the tracks. You begin seeing glimpses of the mountain from the primary day. For 3 hours of the trekking day, the Sleeping Buddha plays hide and seek.

Phalut Sandakphu Trek

Villages of Samanden and Gorkhey

The villages of Samanden and Gorkhey are picture-perfect. Gorkhey village is during a small clearing surrounded by thick pine forest everywhere with a gorgeous river cutting through it. Be careful for this village as you descend through the dense bamboo forest.


Chittrey, on the primary day of trekking, is that the first spot where you’ll see pillars marking the India-Nepal border. This constant flitting in and out of Indo-Nepal border also makes this trek a singular cultural experience. The Sandakphu trek offers the unique experience of walking in India and having your dinner in Nepal. Or having your lunch in Nepal and having your toilet tents in India.


Long-distance views

Sandakphu is one among the few treks that gifts you with long-distance views. Not only does one see the distance from Everest cluster, but you furthermore may see subsequent four days of your trek stretched before you. Such long-distance views also make the sunset view absolutely stunning.


Jaubhari may be a tiny village with just 10 houses, two kilometres faraway from Mane Bhanjang, Sandakphu’s traditional start line. We, however, start the trek from Jaubhari. it's a village that overlooks major parts of Darjeeling, Sikkim and Mane Bhanjang from there.


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